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Process Optimization

Reduce cost and increase capacity

Work Desk

What It Includes

  • Physical meeting- 1st meeting for free 

  • A tour on site and data collection

  • Analysis of the process

  • Report full of recommendations for reducing costs and increasing production capacity


Who Can Benefit from It

  • Producers that want to reduce production cost

  • Producers that can't meet their production demands

  • Producers that want to build a future business plan

Team Meeting

What Can You Do With It

  • Make any changes you like at your convenience according to your line needs and capabilities

  • You can use my report at management meetings to get project funding

  • Trust that my recommendations are objective - All I want is to help you make the most delicious products in the most efficient way, no matter the method or equipment you choose to it with


How Am I Different

  • The product, line and CIP are taken into consideration

  • The solution is tailor made to your line 

  • The report is accessible and easy to understand and act according to it

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