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Engineering Tools


  • Identifying bottlenecks and addressing root causes

  • Reducing losses by redesigning the process and adding control measurements

  • Improving process and product yields

  • Solving process malfunctions caused by equipment failure

  • Adapting the line to the products  

  • Efficient planning of production schedule

Image by Daniel Vogel


  • Examination and redesigning production lines

  • Planning full scale production lines

  • Efficient equipment energy consumption

  • Adjusting current equipment to existing and future products

  • Switching to new technologies for better quality products and easier maintenance

Milk Bottles


  • Developing new and improved products

  • Switching to natural raw ingredients

  • Extending shelf life 

  • Reducing salt and sugar

  • Improving texture by changing raw ingredients or processing method

  • Developing a full process plan and writing FDS

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